Jonathan Gharbi is a blogger and writer. Writes about beer and published the book Beer guide to Vietnam and neighbouring countries in 2015. Wrote many articles in Vietnamese media and became famous for his passion for beer. Lived for two years in Vietnam until 2014 and visited Kenya to experience the local craft beer culture. Runs the beer blog During the time in Vietnam Jonathan arranged brewery tours and created a youtube channel for the breweries and a forum for home brewers in Vietnam. Jonathan has recently written a four page article for the beer magazine Maltesen about the craft beer in Poland.



Jonathan has started the first craft brewery in Burkina Faso in 2016-2017 and has also brewed together with the second craft brewer that opened his brewery in May 2017. More about the beers in Burkina Faso can be read at Jonathans site with articles both in French and English about the less famous countries. There is an article about Jonathans brewery at

IMG_3041 (2).JPG

Brasserie Artisanale De Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso

Pontus Fredriksson is a journalist who has previously worked as a chef. He has written numerous articles on food, drink and culinary culture, and was the chief editor and publisher of Asia Food & Travel Magazine. His writings have been published in many papers and magazines. He is a recurring contributor to ICA Buffé, the most popular food magazine in Sweden and also the biggest publication in Sweden overall (circulation over 2 million). His contributions include features on Green Cuisine in Hangzhou (pgs 18-19), Kimchi Culture in Korea (pgs 12-15) and Chinese-Malay fusion in Malaysia (pgs 13-19), to mention a few.

IMG_20160506_152610624 (1)

Jonathans article about beer in Vietnam for Vagabond magazine


Pontus article about food in Buffe magazine


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